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Dog Fouling!!

Date Published: 16/04/2012

The message to everyone is "DON'T leave it for someone else".

The City Council and Keep Wales Tidy partnership are aiming to reduce the problem of dog fouling in public places which is a result of irresponsible dog ownership.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and clearing up their mess is part of the package, just as important as feeding and walking them. The consequences of allowing your dogs to foul in public places can be a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75.00 with a maximum of £1,000 if prosecuted in court.


Free Dog Waste bags are available from any Library or Leisure Centre. or can be bought from any Supermarket.

They can be disposed of in any litter bin, or in your black bags ot bins.

If reporting dog fouling :-

1) Contact C2C on 0292087 2087

2) Give as much details as possible- Location- Description of dog and owner and name and address if known- Time the offence occurred- Contact details or anonymous.

All information is held in strict confidence and will NOT  be disclosed.

for more information about the Keep Wales Tidy campaign against dog fouling please go to www.keepcardifftidy.co.uk.

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