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Bicycle theft advice.

Date Published: 30/07/2012

Bicycles can be some of the easiest vehicles for thieves and vandals to target. You can protect yourself from becoming a victim by following some simple steps.

  • Get a good bike lock (D locks or combination locks are best. Look for 'Sold Secure Ltd' approved locks, or ask for a recommendation at a bike shop)
  • Lock your bike to something secure, e.g. a bike rack or a lamppost. If there are no bike racks, contact your local council to ask if they can put some in. Always lock your bicycle, even if you are only leaving it for a couple of minutes
  • Make the lock and bike difficult to manoeuvre when parked – keep the lock away from the ground and keep the gap between the bike and lock small
  • Lock up removable parts (e.g. wheels) and take light fittings with you
  • Have your bike's frame security-marked or engraved
  • Take out insurance, either by extending your home contents insurance or through a separate policy. Cycling organisations and bike shops may offer specialist cover
  • Record and register your bike - register your bicycle model, make and frame number. Contact your local police station for further advice
  • Take a clear colour photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description, including any unique features
  • Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked
  • Keep it out of public view
  • Avoid isolated places – leave your bike where a potential thief can be seen.

Did you know...?

More than half of all bicycle thefts take place from someone's property


More information:

Download the factsheet ‘Steer clear of cycle theft' by the Home Office

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