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Date Published: 26/06/2012

On the morning of Monday 25th June 2012, PC Williams had received several answer phone messages in relation to youth annoyance on Sunday evening at Ruston Road and Marcroft Road.

PC Williams spoke to complainants first thing and advised them on what the Neighbourhood Policing Team have been doing at the location to resolve Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

This has involved increased patrols at location at relevant times from themselves and other officers. They have used the CCTV van on several occasions to assist on identifying youths involved and also been to the 2 primary schools and advised the headteachers of ASB at location.

With all this they have done at the location ASB did decrease quite significantly in the area.

Due to receiving several calls for the ASB on Sunday evening PC Williams and PCSO Lewis extended there shift for Monday evening and conducted a mini operation at the Marcroft estate with the use of the CCTV van.

They spent several hours at the location on foot patrol and also using the CCTV van.

They spoke to the complainants, residents, site manager and children. They updated them on why they were in the area and what they can do to assist them to reduce ASB at the location.

Patrols continue at the location and also a meeting to take place in the near future with residents, site manager, Neighbourhood Policing Team and family housing to discuss problem solving for ASB at the location.

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