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St. Thomas

St. Thomas Deputy Sherriff ceremony

Date Published: 29/06/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

On Wednesday the 27th of June PCSO Rebeca Rastatter and PCSO Steve Lewis attended at St. Thomas Community School to meet this year's Deputy Sherriff's.

40 of the Year 5 pupil's gathered in the hall for the ceremony which saw the pupils become Deputy Sherriff's.

The Deputy Sherriff scheme is when the local officer's meet with the Year 5 pupils in order to ask for their assistance in looking after the school during the Summer holiday's. The children who live locally where asked to report to an adult or to Police if they saw any persons causing damage or within the school grounds. The children are not to approach these person's but are told of the consequences should their school be damaged, broken in to or set alight.

The Deputy sherriff's where given a certificate, card and hat and recited an oath as follows;




I (Say your name) of (Say you School) promise that I as a Deputy Sheriff


will take care and look after my school.


 I promise that I will go and contact an adult if I see anyone who shouldn’t be there or damaging it in any way.  


I will not approach these people my self and will always call for help.


At all times I will remain Honest, True, Super Smashing Great and in doing so make my school safe.

I am proud that I am a  

  Deputy Sherriff.


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