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May Crime Prevention Advice

Date Published: 10/05/2012

May Crime Prevention Message ~ Shed Burglaries  



British summer time is official here with the onset of the warm weather to come, remember to pay extra attention to shed and outer houses security  

How secure is your shed or garage are the locks and windows in good repair?

 Remember to always lock your shed and garage.

Security mark your gardening equipment and power tools.

Lock away your tools when you’ve finished each day they could be used to break into your home .

Use chains to secure ladders and wheelie bins when not in use they could be used as climbing aids .  

Let your garden protect you ~ properties can be vulnerable to thieves coming through our back garden.  

D o you have any walls or fences which would be easy to climb?  

Trellis can be an effective way of preventing a burglar access to your garden. They will add extra height to a fence or wall and will probably not support a burglar’s weight.  

Defensive Planting - consider planting prickly plants, bushes and shrubs this spring, around vulnerable areas such as windows, fences, drainpipes and boundary walls.

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