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Working Together

Date Published: 25/06/2012
Working Together
Working Together

Working Together

On Friday 22/06/2012 PCSO Chris Bowen invited Councillor Mel Winter the BcBc reprehensive of the Aberkenfig ward to take a stroll through the village to highlight important local issues that needed to be addressed by both SWP and BcBc.

The issues that needed to be addressed were the following:

  • Double yellow lines that have been tar marked over from recent road works.
  • Double yellow lines at the front and back of local shops with no loading or unloading facilities or signs.
  • An area of Dunraven Street where there is a bend in the road, when vehicles park on this bend both sides, they are completely blocking access to the remaining road.
  • At the top end of Dunraven Street behind the V2C garages there is a safe walk way into the playground of Tondu Primary School, this area of land is council owned and has been identified by PACT as a possible car park to resolve huge parking issues that are ongoing at West Street and to be utilised by the users of our local Mosque.

These four points were taken on board by Cllr Winter and will look into what action can be taken.

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