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Police need your help

Date Published: 13/04/2012
Car Crime
Car Crime

Residents, your local police officers need your help!

We have seen a slight rise in theft from motor vehicles in the area and we want to prevent this from happening again. Officers are conducting more patrols, both on foot and in their vehicles in the area to be visible to both resident and any criminals.

We are asking for your assistance in this matter, here are some handy tips that you can follow to help keep your vehicle safe and secure:

Keep your valuables and possessions safe

Don’t leave anything on display in your car. Before commencing your journey put any items of value in the boot.

Never leave the following items on display; they are all particularly attractive to car thieves.

  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptop Computers
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cheque books
  • Cash
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Private mail, especially with your address on it
  • Keys
  • CD’s
  • MP3 players

If you have a security device – Use it!

Consumer Electronics

Always remove your in-car electronic equipment, particularly satellite navigation devices and car stereos.

With Satellite Navigation equipment remember also to remove any support cradle and suction pads and wipe away any suction pad marks on the windscreen and dashboard. Do not put these items in the glove box or under the seat.


If you have a garage, use it. Always lock your car and garage; always try to park in a well lit, open place.

When you park your car away from home, always try to avoid places that

  • are unattended
  • have easy access
  • are concealed from public view
  • have many escape routes


If you become a victim of Car Crime contact the Police to report the matter. Bridgend Police hold regular car clinics to capture forensic evidence. This will help bring perpetrators to account for this crime which is a cost to every motorist (e.g. through increased insurance premiums)

Help us crack down on car crime.

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