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Surfers Watch

Date Published: 04/05/2012
Surfers Watch
Surfers Watch

With the summer almost upon us, police in Porthcawl are reminding surfers to think security before setting off to ride the waves.

Porthcawl Neighbourhood Policing Team have launched Surf Watch, a summer initiative that will see officers providing crime prevention advice and conducting high visibility patrols at popular surfing beaches like Rest Bay in order to deter car thieves.

This year, the policing team are working in partnership with surf companies Magic Seaweed and Northcore, who have provided waterproof key pouches for officers to give to surfers in order to keep their vehicles safe.

The specialist air tight pouches can be used to keep car keys secure whilst in the water, so car keys no longer have to be left hidden near the vehicle for car thieves to find.

The scheme was first introduced at Rest Bay two years ago by PC Chris Bluck and PCSO Leighton Rees.

PC Bluck said: “In the past two years Surfer Watch has reduced the number of thefts from vehicles in Rest Bay dramatically. We want to continue the same success with the initiative this summer.

“You can easily reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime by taking some basic security precautions. It seems obvious, but don't leave your car keys unprotected or unattended! Many people hide their keys close to their vehicles, which leaves their belongings vulnerable to theft.

“Keep your key on your person in a waterproof key pouch when surfing, ensure valuables are kept out of sight when left in your vehicle, lock roof racks containing surf boards securely and always make sure windows and doors are locked before you leave your car.

A spokesperson for Northcore said "Northcore are really pleased to be able to assist the South Wales Police Surf Watch initiative in conjunction with Magic Seaweed by supplying our waterproof key pouch to give to surfers.

“The Surf Watch programme is a great step towards tackling potential car crime risks and hopefully our key pouches will help reduce instances of surfer related car crime in the region" 

For crime prevention advice or more information on the Surf Watch initiative, contact Porthcawl Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101

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