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Date Published: 08/07/2012

Protect your home

Burglars will make the most of an open door or window. Don’t give them the chance.

· Always close and lock all your windows and doors when you go out. Don't leave windows ajar even when it's hot.

· Avoid leaving keys and other valuables on display near doors/windows.

· Keep garages and sheds locked - they often contain garden furniture or expensive tools which can be stolen or used to break in to your home.

· Help deter thieves by fitting security measures such as door chains, burglar alarms and timed lights.

· Always check the ID of cold callers - using a door chain or spy hole will help you do this without letting people into your home or even opening the door.

Thefts from vehicles

Don't tempt thievesby leaving valuables in your car. When you’re out and about this summer, make sure you:

· Lock your car and close all windows and sun roof. It's tempting to leave them open when it's warm,but don't give thieves a chance.

· Take valuables with you. In the glove box? In the boot? Under the passenger seat? There is no hiding place for valuables in a car – thieves know where to look.

· Wipe away sat nav suction marks and remove power leads.

· Park your vehicle in a garage, a secure car park or a well lit area if you can

Stay Safe during the summer days...

· Don't leave your belongings unattended

· Don't leave valuables in view or in easy reach (on the top of a pram, in a shopping trolley or a mobility scooter)

· Keep valuables in a bag or zipped away to the front of your body and use a purse chain if possible

· Security mark valuable items.

and in the summer evenings.

If you're going out in the evening:

· Stay with your friends and stick to well-lit, open areas.

· Only carry what you need for your trip. Keep your bag zipped up and valuables out of sight.

· Drink sensibly and stay in control - alcohol can make you vulnerable and also make you do things you could regret later.

· Never drink/take drugsand drive.Make sure you know how you're getting home before you go out.

On your bike!

· During the warn weather,there’s nothing better than getting out on your bicycle. Remember:

· Get a good bike lock and always lock your bike to something secure such as a bike rack or lamppost.

. Lock up removable parts (for example wheels) or better still, take them with you (for example lights). Get your bike security marked or engraved. It makesit easier for us to reunite you with your bike if it is stolen.

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