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Police And Fire Rescue Officers Work Together

Date Published: 03/04/2012

Police and Fire and Rescue officers in Bridgend are working together to provide road safety advice with a difference to young drivers in the town.


Officers made a special visit to the Rhiw car park recently, a popular hang out for young motor fanatics from the area, in order to engage with the youngsters and ensure they know how to stay safe on the roads.


Youngsters were given the opportunity to take a look around the Fire Service and Road Traffic Collision Reduction Team’s special Ford Focus ST. The young motorists even got to test out the car’s flashy technology, including a flat screen TV, sound system and driving exercise computer.


RTC Reduction officers were also on hand to provide a few helpful driving tips to the youngsters and answer their questions.


One young driver said: “The hazard game is good, but I’m pretty surprised at the score I had and the number of hazards I missed. It shows I need to be looking out more when I’m driving”.


Ian Buckley, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Station Manager, said: “Engagement activities like this are really important as we get to speak with young drivers and raise their awareness of road safety”.


PCSO Christian Freeth from Bridgend Police said: It was great to get to know these youngsters, provide them with driving advice and talk to them regarding a subject they’re clearly passionate about. Partnership work like this goes a long way in helping us to get to know our communities and understand their needs”.


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