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Partnerships and Communities together in South Wales Police.

Day in the life

Clicking on the links below will give you a brief introduction to some of the team members used to form part of our Neighbourhood Policing Teams. 

Although aspects of their jobs are different they try to work together not only with each other but with our partners in helping our communities.

Neighbourhood Team PCSO
Police Community Support Officers are not police officers they provide an accessible and high visiblty patrol in our communities.

Neighbourhood Team Officer
A modern Neighbourhood Police Officer is a problem solver, engages with the community and proactively tackles crime and the fear of crime.

Neighbourhood Police Special
The Police Special is often a unique character. Dedicated volunteers with the FULL powers of a Police Constable.

British Transport Police
BTP provide a valuable service in our areas by keeping the Transport system safe and educating our local youths to the dangers posed by the line.

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