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Cathays ward covers

Cathays comprises the streets that radiate from Crwys road, bounded by Crown Way to the North and Albany road to the South. Cathays is an area of diverse population swelled in term time by large numbers of students. Your local neighbourhood officers are PC Kris Jones;

PCSO Loren Saunders- Loren.Saunders@south-wales.pnn.police.uk /07825262391

PCSO Chris Payne- Christopher.Payne@south-wales.pnn.police.uk /07825455538

PCSO Joe Hinsley- Joe.Hinsley@south-wales.pnn.police.uk /07584770877

PCSO David Lloyd- David.Lloyd6@south-wales.pnn.police.uk

I am the Cathays ward contact:
Telephone: 07825262391
Email: Loren.Saunders@south-wales.pnn.police.uk
Address: Cathays Police Station Crwys Rd Cathays CF24 4NA

Mobile phone numbers are provided so that you can speak to your local officers about local issues, not for reporting crimes and incidents. Please use the numbers at the top of this page to report crimes and incidents. Please continue to use 999 for all emergencies.

Next PACT meeting is...

Cathays Methodist Church Hall @ 7pm

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PACT Priorities

To view information on the priorities click the link. The current priorities are:

  1. Priority 1
    Parking Issues
    Location: flora street & wyverne road
  2. Priority 2
    Location: crwys road
  3. Priority 3
    Environmental Damage/Littering
    Location: throughout the ward

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Find out what PACT meetings are and what are PACT priorities

PACT Projects

To view information on a PACT Project click the link. The current PACT Projects are:

Rubbish Being Left Outside Properties for Extended Periods of Time
.Rubbish and bulky household waste being left on front yards or pavements continues to plague the residents of Cathays. This problem is associated with the high level of Houses of Multiple Occupancy in Cathays. Green, white and black bags continually litter the streets forming both an obstruction and a health hazard. Food waste encourages large numbers of seagulls to the area who frequently behave in an aggressive manner. Food waste being spilled onto the streets also encourages vermin. At present the council are conducting a consultation exercise with a view to introducing wheelie bins to suitable streets in Cathays. If a majority favour this it should considerably alleviate the seagull problem in Cathays. Cathays councillors are committed to continue to work with waste enforcement to reduce this problem. Fines are now being issued to those continually placing rubbish out on the wrong days. Calendars of waste and recycling collections have been issued to all households in Cathays. Cardiff University Student Liaison Officer has arranged for the waste collection dates to be prominent in the student ‘Digs’ magazine which is issued to all students who rent property in Cathays. Members of the PACT have undertaken to help distribute this magazine to new students in their streets. We will continue to monitor this when the students return for the new academic year. Police/Councillors/ Waste Enforcement and Cardiff University are committed to working in partnership to ensure that the streets of Cathays are a clean and safe environment in which to live and work.
Reporting of Crime and Anti Social Behaviour
Members of the public attending PACT meetings often report to us informally incidents of crime and anti social behaviour that they have not formally reported via 101 or 999. it is important to gain a true record of the incidents of crime and ASB in an area this can only be acheived by all members of the public who experience crime reporting it to the police through official channels. Even if the incident is of a minor nature it is important for crime mapping purposes to report it to either 101 if the incident has happened in the past or 999 if it is on-going and of a more serious nature.

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