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PACT Meetings

What goes on at PACT meetings?
PACT meetings are an opportunity for the Community to have their say on what matters the most to them in their area. You are helping us paint an accurate picture of what is really happening locally. The problems encountered are discussed and solutions explored. From the issues raised at the meeting and those brought to the meeting by your Neighbourhood Officer we decide on up to three priorities.

What are PACT priorities?
PACT priorities are problems that we try to solve in partnership in a set time. We work with different agencies and come back at the next meeting with the work we all did to try and solve them. Very often it is mixture of Police, Local Authority, private sector, volunteer sectors and the community that solve these problems. They can only be finalised by you.

Our next PACT meeting is...

Mackintosh Centre, Keppoch St @ 7pm

This month's PACT meeting priorities in Plasnewydd are:

  1. Environmental Damage/Littering
  2. Parking Issues
  3. Skateboarding/Cycling/Roller Skating

News Blog

  • Further Operation Targeting PACT Priorities
    On Wednesday the 11th March 2015 Cathays Neighbourhood Team conducted an Operation which targeted cyclists riding on public footpaths.
  • Increase in theft from motor vehicle
    There have been several offences of theft from motor vehicle Cathays Neighbourhood Policing wards recently. Those vehicles that have been targeted have been because valuable items have been left on display in the vehicle. Crime Prevention advice- Never l
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