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Project Title:
Parking Problems in Plasnewydd
Nature of Problem:
It has been recognised that parking in an illegal and dangerous manner has long been a problem in the Plasnewydd ward. It was decided at the PACT meeting to highlight this issue as a PACT project. Working together the police, councillors and other interested agencies aim to make a significant impact on this issue. In July Cardiff Council is due to take over the traffic warden function from the police, it is anticipated that the number of wardens will be increased over a period of time which should improve the visibility of wardens on the streets. The focus of the campaign will be those motorists who persistently park on the double yellow lines on street corners as this is not only obstructive but highly dangerous. The police are working in partnership with the council to ensure that lines that have faded with time are re-painted on a regular basis and that all restricted parking signs are in place and clearly visible.

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Project Updates

>> Parking Problems in Plasnewydd - 25/03/2010

It was reported to the PACT meeting held on 24/03/2010 that traffic wardens have issued 424 tickets in Plasnewydd in the last month. 1,200 tickets were issued throughout the Cathays policing sector in the same period.


25th March has been dedicated as an Action Day on illegal parking in the area traffic wardens from the whole of Cardiff are being deployed to Plasnewydd for a ‘blitz’ on the area.


Project Outcome

There is a new team from Cathays Police station covering the Plasnewydd ward, and they have already made large conrtibutions to parking issues in the area. There have been to date a lot of fixed penalty notices issued in the plasnewydd ward since the last PACT meeting. These have been issued for various offences including causing unecessary obstruction. As the police we cannot give tickets for parking on double yellow lines etc this falls under the remit of the Parking Enforcement Officers with Cardiff Council. We have advised them of our concerns and they have also spent a lot of time in the Plasnewydd ward dealing with parking issues. Advice is also given to people when possible. This is an ongoing problem in such a busy area with limited parking, however we will continue to address these issues.

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