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Parking Issues

Date of Meeting: 21/09/2011
Meeting: Lon Las Welsh School,Church Road,Llansamlet
Location of Concern:
Church Road/Walters Road/Pant Y Blawd Road
Summary: Inconsiderate Parking outside Lon Las Welsh School at the start and end of the school day.

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Parking - 14/06/2012

Parents still continue to park in an obstructive manner outside the school, despite being warned by officers on numerous occasions. Officers WILL be issuing fixed penalty notices to those drivers who continue to park in such a manner.

Junior PCSO's will be out on their patrols over the next few weeks and will be issuing their own 'warning notices' to parents in the area.

>> Parking - 10/06/2012

with the school holidays upon us, there have been no parking issues in the area. once the schools return from holidays patrols will start up once again.

parents are continually being advised with regards to their parking however many continue to ignore this advice.

It is for the saftey of YOUR children aswell.

>> Parking Issues - 24/05/2012

The Junior PCSO Scheme has been launched at Lon Las Primary School, and PCSO's Reed and Roberts have been in attendance and taken the children out, to issue "parking notices" to parents and to advise them to park in an appropriate manner.

Some parents continue to park in an inconsiderate manner despite being advised by officers, and should be aware of the danger they are posing to not only their children, but other children in the school.

Parking continues to be monitored in the area.

>> No Issues - 21/04/2012
At present there have been no issues being brought to my attention nor have i seen any vehicle causing concerns when i have been in the area to monitor parking. The local neighbourhood policing team will of course continue to monitor the situation.
>> Parking Issues - 16/04/2012
Parking is going to be looked at in the coming week with the help of the Junior PCSOs and handing out tickets to any driver/vehicle that causes an un-necessary obstruction or parks in an inconsiderate manner.
>> School Term - 11/04/2012
School term will be begining again in the coming days and we will be out monitoring parking within the area with the help of Junior PCSOs and local officers.
>> Weekend Patrols - 08/04/2012
Patrols have been carried out with NO vehicles causing police any concerns and with NO calls to our community phones regarding any vehicles parking in an inconsiderate manner. We are hoping this will continue with more operations with local officers and Junior PCSOs out patrolling the area concerned.
>> Patrols - 02/04/2012
Patrols have been conducted by myself with no issues which is to be expected on the half term. I will continue to monitor situation and wil be taking out the Junior PCSOs when school term begins.
>> Patrols Updated - 29/03/2012
Patrols in area are ongoing with patrols carried out by local officers to monitor inconsiderate parking within the community. The school holidays will be fast up coming and we will still continue to monitor with the help of the local residents and Junior PCSOs.
>> Junior PCSOs - 27/03/2012
In the coming days with help of our Junior PCSOs we will be monitoring parking along the surrounding roads and identify any person(s) parking in an inconsiderate manner.
>> Junior PCSOs - 24/03/2012
Patrols are taking place within the community and we are hoping to get the Junior PCSOs out on "patrol" to monitor parking and to issue Junior PCSO tickets to offending vehicles.
>> Patrols - 19/03/2012

Local officers have been out in the area monitoring the area for any vehicles causing any concerns which NO vehicle has done so. There are vehicles that have parked on yellow lines and have been advised that Civil Enforecement with Swansea Council will be helping us combat this to make our community a safer place to be. Patrols will continue and will be attending area with our Junior PCSOs to look at parking.

>> UPDATES - 15/03/2012
Junior PCSO has now been rolled out to Trallwn Primary school and Ysgol Lon Las as a trial to see how effective this scheme will be in the area and how this will help the community at large. Local officers will be taking out pupils from these schools with the speed gun, monitor parking but also any other issues raised by the community at large.
>> Weekend Patrols - 11/03/2012

PCSO Titerickx has been patrolling the area over this weekend with no issues being raised and no vehicles appearing to be causing any obstructions to local residents with no calls coming in on our community phones with any concerns


Anyone with any concerns please ring local officers for any advice you need and to discuss any concerns you might have.

>> General Patrols - 29/02/2012

General Patrols have taken place within the area with no issues arising.


I would urge anyone within the community having any need for concern to please call local officers so we may follow this up.

>> Ongoing Patrols - 25/02/2012
Patrols have been made in the area with only one driver being spoken to with regards to their parking. At present the council are putting in laybys on the spine road running alongside Lon Las and we are hoping this will be a possible solution.
>> Patrols By Local Officers - 20/02/2012

Patrols have been carried out by local officers with no vehicles causing concerns due to location of parking.

Patrols will continue and will be holding a police street surgery in the coming days to seek our community view if the parking has been eased.

>> Patrols Within The Community - 17/02/2012
Patrols within the community are taking place to minimise but also educate drivers and local residents regarding parking in the area. If you have any concerns then please call your local officers where we would only be to happy to assist.
>> Police Patrols - 15/02/2012

Patrols have been undertake by local officers with no instances of any vehicle causing a concern.

School holidays will be up by Monday and patrols will be taking place and a meeting with the head.

>> School Holidays - 12/02/2012

Due to the school holidays there have been no issues. Term begins from 20th February and so will our periodic patrols again. PCSO David Titerickx will then be taking the Junior PCSO Scheme to this school and we will be looking at the parking within the area.

>> Updates - 06/02/2012
Patrols have been carried out in the community by local officers. The  next PACT meeting is upcoming on Thursday and I would urge anyone with any concerns to please come along and discuss these with the local policing team and your local Cllrs.
>> Parking Issues - 26/01/2012
There have been no major issues of parking in the area over recent days. Officers continue to patrol.
>> Patrols Of area - 23/01/2012
Patrols have taken place with no identifying issues. We will continue to monitor this issue at peak times and work closely with local residents to ease this cause for concern.
>> Local Officers Patrols - 19/01/2012
Your local neighbourhood team have been in the area patrolling the affected areas with only 1 vehicle having to be removed by the driver after causing an obstruction to the bus stop. Id urge anyone with any concerns or any vehicles that may be causing an obstruction to their driveway to please contact us where we will endevour to assist.
>> Updates of Patrols - 15/01/2012
Patrols will take place over the coming days and will discuss future plans in the area with Swansea Council.
>> Future Operations - 10/01/2012
Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be in the coming weeks will be planning operations within the area to catch persons parking in an inconsiderate manner. I would urge anyone with any concerns to please contact me where we can discuss and find possible solutions. At present we are awaiting Swansea Council to start work on the parking spaces along the spine road and hope this partially resolves the issue. We will keep looking at this issue to find possible solutions along with our partner agencies help.
>> Patrols In Area - 06/01/2012
Patrols in the area have taken place on foot and in marked vehicles with no issues being reported to myself with busineses/persons returning to work after the holidays.  I would urge anyone with any concerns to please contact me so we may discuss possible solutions. Schools will be returning from 9th January so the local neighbourhood team will be monitoring the situation.
>> Updates - 03/01/2012
The schools will be back in session in the coming days and we will continue to monitor situation. Anyone with any ideas on how to reduce this issue we are only to happy to listen and pass ideas onto the relevant departments.
>> updates - 28/12/2011
Due to school holidays parking is not a concern at present we will of course continue to monitor this issue.
>> Update From PACT - 24/12/2011
We have had a PACT meeting on 21st December 2011 at Llansamlet Community Centre. This priority will be looked at and monitored.
>> Suitable Advice Given - 19/12/2011
Patrols have taken place with vehicles being ticketed and drivers given suitable advice. We are working closely with Swansea Council to possibly ease congestion in area.
>> Patrols - 11/12/2011

Patrols over the last few days have proven positive with more tickets issued to vehicles causing an obstruction to the highway.

PACT will be in the next few days and if you have any concerns please come along.

>> Updated Patrols - 05/12/2011
Patrols have taken place at hot spot times you have given us at PACT. Tickets have been issued to any person(s) that have caused any obstruction in the area and will continue to do so when we are able to be in the area.
>> Patrols In Area - 30/11/2011

Patrols in the area are ongoing with only a few drivers ignoring our requests. Tickets have been issued to any persons offending.

Please can any resident facing  further problems in the area to please contact local officers.

>> Ticket Issued - 26/11/2011

I patrolled the area on Friday with a colleague, there were a few vehicles that were parked on Double Yellow lines and at the bus stop, but they kindly moved when we arrived. One vehicle was given a ticket for parking on the Zig Zag lines after they were asked to move, but did not move off the lines, but the owner took the ticket without any issues and apologised for not moving the vehicle. Also a warning notice was given to a car that had parked in the bus stop.

We will continue to patrol the area periodically and tackle the parking issues accordingly.

>> Updates - 23/11/2011
The Junior PCSO scheme was started today at Lon Las Welsh School where pupils will assist local officers in dealing with community issues such as parking issues that we are facing The pupils have been given an application form and a letter today and will be shortly completing and returning so we may then start taking pupils out to look at these issues together.
>> Parking - 18/11/2011
Patrols are on going in the area at intermittant times as agreed in PACT with positive results. We are starting a new scheme within Lon Las with the pupils of Year 6 to show parents the dangers of their parking and other community issues around the school.
>> On going patrols - 16/11/2011
Patrols are taking place within the area with help of our partner agencies. We are awaiting our next PACT meeting to see what Swansea Council has in store for future plans with building parking.
>> New Scheme - 11/11/2011
A new scheme has been set up by PCSO Titerickx and the Llansamlet Neighbourhood Team within schools in Eastside. The Junior PCSO Scheme was first created as a Junior Traffic Wardens, but we have expanded on that idea to create the Junior PCSOs where we will be looking at tackling parking,graffiti as well as looking at road safety in general around the community. The Llansamlet NPT are hoping this will then lower any Anti Social Behaviour within the community as everyone will then have a greater worth of their community and look after it. We will be able to update you more with this exciting news in our next PACT meeting.
>> Ongoing Patrols - 08/11/2011

Patrols have continued this week, we have not issued any tickets and we have not had any new issues arise. We will continue to visit the school at the relevant times.

>> Ongoing Patrols - 05/11/2011

Patrols have been carried out this week, there have been no major issues, tickets were issues at the start of the week but there have been no further tickets isssued the rest of the week.

>> Parking Patrols - 01/11/2011

Since the school has returned officers have attended and carried out patrols. Yesterday officers attended and there were 2 vehicles parked in the bus stop. 2 endorsable tickets were issues, which is an *|*80 fine and 3 points on their licences. We will continue to take positive action against those that are refusing to park legally.

Patrols have continued today with no issues at the location.

>> Half Term. - 29/10/2011
As it is half term there have been no issues at Church Road and Walter Road regarding parking, as a result officers have been out and about dealing with any Anti Social Behaviour issues. I am happy to report that there have been no issues in the area over the past week. Officers will contiune to patrol the area and when the schools return on monday we will contiune to patrol the area and deal with the parking issues.
>> Operation Bang Patrols. - 25/10/2011

Operation Bang patrols have started up again, this is set up annually to combat Anti Social Behaviour over the half term halloween and bonfire night holidays.

There will be 2 officers dedicated each night to tackle any Anti Social Behaviour in the area. If you have any issues please contact one of your neighbourhood officers on our work mobiles and we will be happy to assist.

>> Week Patrols - 20/10/2011
Patrols are continuing at  times identified at PACT and appropriate action taken. Anyone whom asks personsd to kindly move whilst they gain access to their driveways and get any form of abuse to please contact local team so we may take action against offenders.
>> Weekend Patrols - 16/10/2011

Local Neighbourhood Team have patrolled hot spot areas and re enforced the safe parking message with the school and parents. Community Officer Titerickx will be approaching the school in the next week to discuss future of new schemes to introduce in the area. An update with ths scheme will be in due course.

>> Patrols - 15/10/2011
Patrols taken place working in partnership with Civil Enforcement Teams within Swansea Council.Offenders will get given Fixed Penalty Notices.
>> Enforcement offiicers patrol with us. - 10/10/2011
We were back on patrol at the start and end of school times, we were joined in the afternoon by the enforcement officers. They spoke to parents and had a look at the situation we are faced with on a daily basis. They informed us that they would report the issues back to their boss, hopefully they will come up with a few ideas to help the situation. They will be patrolling periodically as will we.
>> Patrols and update. - 07/10/2011

I have been patrolling the school along with other officers this week, we have been at the location at dropping off and picking up times. parents have recieved the letter from us in regards to how the should be parked. There have been a small number of vehicles that have caused some issues regarding where they have been parked but have happily moved when spoken to.

We are looking to get in touch with highways to attend the next PACT meeting so residents can air the issues that they have.

>> update. - 02/10/2011

We have continued to progress our efforts to reduce the parking issues at the location. We have now received the warning in welsh and English. I have passed this to Pcso Titerickx who has emailed it to the head teacher to distribute to the parents, so the letter should go out within the next week.

>> Continued Efforts - 30/09/2011
Continued efforts are continuing to resolve parking issues in the area. Officers are trying to be in the area as much as possible and contacting partner agencies for their help. An update will be given at the next PACT meeting. Civil Enforcement have been asked to attend the area as much as possible with assistance of our Traffic officers to monitor area whilst on their patrols.
>> Warning letter. - 26/09/2011

I have written a warning letter to go out to all parents regarding the parking issues and what is and isn't acceptable when dropping off and collecting children from the school.

The local councillors' are also getting in touch with the relevant departments to assist us in managing the issues that we face on a daily basis.

>> Parking Patrols - 22/09/2011

3 persons were advised about parking over the drive ways of local residents and 2 persons spoken to regarding parking in the bus bay, all persons have been given a warning and we have taken registration numbers of these vehicles. If these vehicles re offend they WILL get a  fixed penalty notuice.

Anyone with any parking concerns/issues please contact local officers.


What we did
Junior Pcso's set up, patrols and joint working with traffic enfrocement officers
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