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Date of Meeting: 08/02/2012
Meeting: Trallwn Community Centre, Bethel Road Trallwn
Location of Concern:
Dyffryn Aur Road
Summary: Speeding upon Dyffryn Aur Rd was brought to our attention.

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Traffic to patrol hot spots. - 28/08/2012

Traffic officers will be patrolling the problem area's over the coming weeks. PCSO Reed will also be out on patrol this week.

Any issues please dont hestiate to contact us.

>> Assistance from traffic officers - 22/08/2012
PCSO Reed has contacted our traffic deptpartment and asked for the assistance of the traffic units to patrol the area. We have had a response and both Traffic and the Off Road bike team will be patrolling the area in the coming weeks.
>> Patrols - 17/08/2012
PCSO Reed has carried out patrols in the area, no issues to report.
>> Chat with hot spot residents - 13/08/2012
I have been knocking on the doors of those who live on the road that have been known to be the most effected. The issue seems to have decreased somewhat in the last month. I have given my contact details for future contact.
>> OPeration Vacation Patrols - 09/08/2012
I have been out on patrol in the area over the past 2 days, I have been involved in Operation Vacation that is to tackle ASB issues while the children are on holidays. There have been no reports of speeding in the area or any other issues.
>> Ongoing Patrols - 30/07/2012
I have been out and about in the area today carrying out patrols. I will be conducting a speeding operation later on in the week and will keep you updated with the results. 
>> Community feedback - 26/07/2012
I have been out on patrol in the area, speaking to members of the community regarding the issues of speeding. The issue has decreased and there have been no issues over the last few weeks. I will continue to patrol the area.
>> foot patrols - 15/07/2012
I have carried out foot patrols in the area over the weekend, I have spoken to local counselors and residents. No issues to report. Patrols will continue and speed gun to be taken out and used in the area.
>> Speeding to Remain as priority - 11/07/2012
The outcome from last weeks PACT meeting has not indenitifed ant other issues in the area. Speeding will remain as the priority and patrols will continue in the area. As the schools are about to break up Operation Vacation will commense whuich will give 2 dedicated officers to patrols all problem areas for the period of the school holidays.
>> Speeding Operation - 26/06/2012
PCSO Reed will be out and about next week with the speed camera, along with the help of my Junior PCSO'S. We will be looking at the problem areas and warning those that are travelling above the speed limit.
>> Patrols - 22/06/2012
PCSO Reed has carried out patrols over the past few days. We will be going out on patrol with the junior PCSO today and will be conducting speed scoping exercises next week in the area.
>> No Reports - 14/06/2012

There have been no reports of speeding in the area. Patrols have been conducted on foot and mobile and no speeding has been witnessed.


>> Speeding - 10/06/2012
Patrols have been made in the area, however no vehicles seen speeding in the area.  Patrols continue
>> patrols - 01/06/2012
I have carried out patrols over the last two evenings there have no issues to report, residents have been spoken to and advised as to what patrols are being carried out.
>> Patrols - 29/05/2012
Patrols have been carried out over the last week, there have been no reports made to us but i am aware of youth annoynace picking up in the area. I will be speaking to residents and increasing patrols this week.
>> Speeding - 21/05/2012

No reports of speeding have been recieved by PCSO Reed.  Patrols on foot have been made, and no issues have been raised.


>> Patrols - 16/05/2012
Patrols have been carried out in the area, I have spoken to local residents and there have not been issues to report.
>> Patrols - 13/05/2012
Patrols have been carried out over the weekend with no issues to report. If you have any concerns please contact me on my mobile phone.
>> Warning tickets issued. - 08/05/2012
Myself and the Birchgrove PCSO took to the streets of Trallwn with our Junior PCSO'S and looked at the parking around the school at kicking out time. The Junior Pcso's issues one vehicle with a warning ticket for parking on the zig zag lines. We will be conducuting speeding exercises over the next 2 weeks.
>> Junior Pcso Patrols - 02/05/2012
Today myself and the Junior Pcso's will be taking to the street to tackle parking outside the school. We will be carrying out speed scoping exercise this week too. Any issues please contact me or Chris on our mobiles.
>> Patrols - 28/04/2012
I have rcently returned from leave, there have been no issues brought to my attention while I have been off. I am back out on Patrol and will paya ttention in the area. Any issues please contact me on my Mobile Phone.
>> No Issues - 21/04/2012
No issues have arisen in the area with no calls to local officers community phones. Local officers will be continuing to monitor the area to spot any drivers driving at an apparent excessive speed.
>> Speed - 16/04/2012
Speeding will be looked at with the help of our Junior PCSOs in the coming weeks and local officers to combat vehicles that may be exceeding the speed limit. Anyone with any concerns are asked to contact local officers where we will listen to any complaints you may have.
>> School Term - 11/04/2012
School term will be begining again in the coming days and we will be out monitoring speed within the area with the help of Junior PCSOs and local officers.
>> Updates Of Weekend Patrols - 08/04/2012
Patrols have been carried out with NO vehicles causing police any concerns and with NO calls to our community phones regarding any vehicles exceeding the speed limit. We are hoping this will continue with more operations with our speed camera conducting scoping exercises within the community.
>> Ongoing Patrols - 05/04/2012
I have carried out patrols in the area, there have been no issues in the area and there have been no vehicles causing any concerns.
>> Patrols - 02/04/2012
Patrols have been conducted by PCSO Titerickx today with no issues brought to my attention. When term begins we will be taking out the Junior PCSOs to conduct Speed Scoping exercises.
>> Patrols - 01/04/2012
Patrols have been carried out over the weekend, officers have patrolled the , Lon Enfys, Tynawaun and Tyn-y -cae area's. There have been no vehicles sighted that would cause any issues. Please continue to contact your Neighbourhood officers should you have any concrens in the area.
>> Patrols In Area - 29/03/2012
Patrols in area are ongoing with patrols carried out by local officers to monitor speed within the community. PCSO REED has been out with the speed camera and will continue to monitor speed with the help of the local residents and Junior PCSOs.
>> Junior PCSOs - 27/03/2012
In the coming days with help of our Junior PCSOs we will be monitoring speed along the surrounding roads and identify any person(s) driving at an excessive speed.
>> Speed Bumps. - 21/03/2012
Speed bumps have been put in place on Lon Enfys to help reduce speeding vehicles in the area. We are still patrolling on Dyffryn Aur Road and Tyn Y Waun Road. Officers and local Junior Pcso's will be out this week in the area to monitor traffic and any vehicles causing the community concern. Any issues please contact us on our community mobiles.
>> Speeding Patrols - 19/03/2012

Local officers have been out in the area today monitoring the area for any vehicles causing any concerns which NO vehicle has done so. Patrols will continue and will be attending area with speed gun and with along our Junior PCSOs

>> UPDATES - 15/03/2012
Junior PCSO has now been rolled out to Trallwn Primary School and Ysgol Lon Las as a trial to see how effective this scheme will be in the area and how this will help the community at large. Local officers will be taking out pupils from these schools to carry out speeding scoping exercises, monitor parking and any other issues raised by the community at large.
>> Weekend Patrols - 11/03/2012

PCSO Titerickx has been patrolling the area over this weekend with no issues being raised and no vehicles appearing to exceed the speed limit.

 Anyone with any concerns please ring local officers for any advice you need and to discuss any concerns you might have.

>> Patrols. - 08/03/2012
I have carried out patrols over the last few days, both during the day and evening. I was also present at the end of the school day to monitor the traffic. There were no vehicles travelling at speed. If you have any concerns about certain vehicles please give me a ring on my mobile.
>> Weekend patrols and future actions - 04/03/2012
I have been out and about this weekend, I have patrolled the area, I have not seen any vehicles travelling at speed but if you have any information about those that have been causing concern please get in touch. Trallwn Primary have selected the Junior PCSO's and as soon as the posters and banners are ready we will be carrying out patrols with the junior PCSO's conducting a speed scoping exercise as well as looking at the parking around the school.
>> General Patrols - 29/02/2012

General Patrols have taken place within the area with no issues arising.

We request members of the public to contact officers if they have concerns about this issue in the area.

>> Weekend Patrols - 25/02/2012

Patrols will continue throughout the weekend to monitor the area for any vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

I would urge any persons witnessing any vehicle they believe is exceeding the speed limit to please call me on my community phone where i would be happy to help and speak to any drivers concerned.

>> Update - 20/02/2012

Patrols have been carried out with no vehicles appearing to be exceeding the speed limit in the area.

Patrols will continue with the help of partner agencies and monitor for any persons exceeding the speed within the community.

>> Patrols Within The Community - 17/02/2012
Patrols within the community are taking place to minimise but also educate drivers and local residents regarding speeding in the area. If you have any concerns then please call your local officers where we would only be to happy to assist.
>> Patrols in Community - 15/02/2012

Patrols have been undertake by local officers with no instances of any vehicle causing a concern.

Speed operations will be taking place within the coming days.

>> Ptarols Around Area - 12/02/2012
Patrols have been carried out to observe vehicles in the area, with none visibly seen to be exceeding the speed limit. PCSO REED will be going out with pupils from Trallwn Primary in the coming days with the speed camera to collate how many vehicles do drive at an excessive speed in the area.
>> Patrols - 09/02/2012
I have carried out patrols in the area, no vehicles have been seen speeding. I will be out in the near future to monitor vehicles travelling through the area.
>> Updates - 06/02/2012
Patrols have been carried out in the community by local officers. The  next PACT meeting is upcoming on Thursday and i would urge anyone with any concerns to please come alongand discuss these with the local policing team and your local Cllrs.
>> Speeding operation - 04/02/2012
I have conducted patrols in the area, this morning and yesterday. I will be conducting a speeding operation later today. Results to be posted later.......
>> Junior PCSO update. - 31/01/2012
Ajunior pcso scheme has been taken to Trallwn primary school in order to help the children engage with the community and ourselves to tackle parking and speeding in the area's around the school. 6 pupils have been indentified and will be getting sworn in next week, they will then along with myself and Pc Chris Taylor  be take out with our speed gun and record the traffic in the problem area around the school.
>> Speeding - 26/01/2012
There have been no issues of speeding in the area over the past few days.
>> Patrols Of The Area - 23/01/2012
Patrols have taken place with no incidents of speeding being monitored. We would urge any residents with any issues to please contact local policing team where we will be happy to assist.
>> Patrols by local officers - 19/01/2012
Patrols have taken place with local oficers with no complaints coming from local residents regarding speeding in the area. Operations will continue in the area and we will continue to work with our partner agencies in resolving issues in the community.
>> Updates - 15/01/2012
Patrols have taken place in the area by the local Neighbourhood Beat Manager PC Taylor with no issues to date. I would urge anyone with any information regarding vehicles they preseume are exceeding the speed limit then please contact us so we may action this information.
>> Operations - 10/01/2012
Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be in the coming weeks will be planning speeding operations within the area to catch persons exceeding the speed limit set out in the area. I would urge any members of the public sighting vehicles which they believe are exceeding the speed limits within the are to please contact me where I would only be too happy to assist. We will be keeping local residents updated on progress in the area and future operations.
>> Patrols In Area - 06/01/2012
Patrols in the area have taken place on foot and in marked vehicles with no issues being reported to myself with busineses/persons returning to work after the holidays.  I would urge anyone with any concerns to please contact me so we may discuss possible solutions.
>> Updates - 03/01/2012
There have been no calls from residents regarding speeding on this road over the festive period and still remains to be when schools are in session. Therefore speeding operations will take place over the coming weeks when schools return after half term. If you sight any vehicle you presume is going at an excessive speed then please contact us so we may take action.
>> Update - 28/12/2011
Speeding in the has been brought to our attention in the area around school times due to school holidays your local community policing team will be doing operations when schools start back in the new term.  A  NEW Junior PCSO Scheme has been created and we will be looking into speeding in the area with the help of partner agencies.
>> New Priority - 24/12/2011

A new priority was brought to our attention of speeding upon Dyffryn Aur Road. We will monitor this area closely and update you regularly.


If you sight any vehicle which you believe is doing excessive speed then please contact us.


What we did
Regular high visibility patrols carried out in the area to reassure residents and a number of speeding operations carried out with success.
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