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St. Thomas

Youth Annoyance general non alcohol related

Date of Meeting: 14/02/2012
Meeting: Port Tennant Community centre
Location of Concern:
Port Tennant & SA1 Waterfront area
Summary: Anti social behaviour and annoyance by youths. It has been reported that youths are riding their push-bikes accross people's garden's / drives, climbing over walls and fences and throwing around bin bags, running into Commercial premises, etc....

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Patrols - 23/10/2012

Pcso Lewis and Pcso Rastatter have patrolled within the St.Thomas ward and SA1 on 19/10/2012-21/10/2012 between the hours of 08:00-00:00.

They patrolled the hot spot locations which have been identified for Anti-Social Behaviour. All places visited by officers seemed to be rather quiet during their patrols.

Officers spoke with local shops and community members and they had nothing to report at the time.

>> No calls over the weekend - 18/10/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Patrols were made over the weekend of the hotspot areas and all was in order. No calls were received in relation to anti social behaviour in the St. Thomas and Port Tennant areas.

>> Patrols - 12/10/2012

Between the dates of 10/10/2012 to 12/10/2012, Pcso Lewis and Pcso Rastatter have conducted a high-visibility foot patrol at the Marcroft estate and SA1 between the hours of 8am-10pm.

During their patrols they spoke to several residents who were happy and had no issues at present of Anti-Social Behaviour.

>> Patrolled - 02/10/2012

Pcso Lewis has been patrolling the ward on between the hours of 8am-6pm on 01/10/12-02/10/12

Pcso Lewis has periodically patrolled at the Marcroft estate and also the SA1 development, where the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) have received complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

He spoke to several businesses at SA1 who gave some positive feedback that it has been quiet recently and they regurarly see police patrols.

If you are experiencing ASB please contact the NPT or contact the non-emergecy number "101" or 999 in an emergency.

>> Area patrolled - 23/09/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Myself and PCSO Lewis have worked various shifts over the past few days and have been patrolling the hotspot areas. Despite the dry evenings the local youths have been well behaved and we only received one call of youth annoyance. The call was to the lane to the rear of Hoo street, the vicinity of Monkey park on the evening of Friday 21st of September. The area had been patrolled before the incident was reported and again following the call however no person's were present. 

>> No Reports - 17/09/2012

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team would like to inform you that on 14/9/2012 to 16/09/2012 they had received no calls in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) within the St.Thomas Ward.

Officers are regurarly patrolling the "Hot Spot" areas and speaking with residents.

If you need to report ASB please contact your local officers, councillors or the non-emergency number 101.

>> Weekend patrols - 09/09/2012

On Friday 7th September to Sunday 9th September PCSO LEWIS has patrolled the St.Thomas Ward and SA1 development between the hours of 2pm-midnight.

During his high-visibility patrols he spoke too several youths on the benches outside Tesco, SA1. The youths he engaged with were of no concern and were all well behaved. Tesco had no issues with this group.

 Residents also living at the Marcroft Estate were spoken too and they have advised that it appears to have gone quiet, since an individual has left the area.

Patrols continue within the vicinity and we encourage you to contact our non-emergency number 101 if you are a victim of Anti-Social Behaviour.

>> All quiet - 26/08/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

On Friday and Saturday I worked late shifts. I patrolled all the 'hot-spot' areas and am pleased to say that there were no persons acting in an anti-social manner. The only call received was of a vehicle driving erratically on Danygraig Road. Upon the officer's prompt attendance the vehicle had already left. If you have  witnessed this vehicle and have managed to see the index number please let one of your local officers know. Thank you.

>> All good - 17/08/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

I have patrolled the area on foot and in a Police vehicle over the past few days. All hot-spot areas were patrolled. Children and teenagers were present at some locations but were behaving.

The Play team have been present at Hoo Street park / Monkey park again today keeping the younger generation busy. They will be at the park next Friday between 11am - 1pm.

Patrols will continue.

>> Patrols - 13/08/2012

Between 10/08/2012-12/08/2012 local officers have patrolled SA1, Marcroft Road, Hoo Street park Danygraig Road Lanes and also the rest of the ward between the hours of 8am - Midnight.

A large group of youths were spoken too within the SA1 area and advised about swimming in Prince of Wales Dock.

Officers have conferred with residents in Marcroft estate and also children in the park. To which the residents are happy with the patrols and things are quieting down in the area.

We encourage all residents to report any Anti-Social Behaviour immediately to the police via our 101 service.

>> Area patrolled, 08/08/12 - 09/08/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

On the evening of the 8th of August PCSO Roberts and I patrolled the area. There were numerous youths and children playing in the area however all were behaving. We visited the SA1 area and Monkey park frequently throughout the evening.

Upon our attendance at the Viridian estate we located eight young boys playing within the the fenced off grassy area on Marcroft road. The males were told to get out and advised that whilst the fencing is errected the area is a no-go area.

>> Area patrolled - 03/08/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

On Thursday the 2nd of August PCSO Lewis and I patrolled the patch visiting key areas such as the Viridian estate, St. Leger crescent and the SA1 waterfront area. A number of residents were spoken to and several local children who were out playing on their scooters and bikes. All was in order at all locations. Patrols will continue.

>> PACT Meeting - 02/08/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Last night was our PACT meeting which was held at Port Tennant Community centre. 9 residents attended to discuss local issues with myself, PCSO Lewis, Cllr Joe Hale, Communities first Development officer Joanne Thomas and Mike Hedges AM.

Several minor issues were raised, mostly parking / traffic congestion issues which will be addressed appropritley by the various partners.

There was one mention of youths entering the grounds of St. Stephen church to play football, this will be looked at my local officers.

We recieved no complaints in relation to youth annoyance / underage drinking which have been affecting the hot-spots over the past few months however patrols will continue as we realise that although it has significally improved we need to keep on top of it as prevention is as good as a cure.

We will continue with this PACT Priority which will update readers / residents of our findings and actions.

>> Cycle patrol - 31/07/2012

On Saturday 28th July 2012 between the hours of 08:00-14:00 Pcso Lewis conducted a high-visibility cycling patrol within the St.Thomas Ward.

He patrolled the canal path that runs between Port Tennant and Jersey Marine which is known for motorcycle annoyance. One motorcycle did ride towards him on the path, but failed to stop.

He spoke to several cyclists and walkers on the path and advised them of the problem and this is why he was cycling along the path.

The path users felt very reassured that the local officers were taking action.

He also patrolled the band fields, Marcroft Road and the SA1 development.

Again he spoke to several residents and businesses to which all commented it was nice to see police on patrol.

>> Area patrolled with local Cllr - 26/07/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

On Wednesday the 25th of July PCSO Rastatter patrolled the area with Cllr Clive Lloyd visiting the Bandfields and Viridian estate. We also called in to speak with local residents and reporting persons. It was a great oppourtunity for us to share ideas and concerns in relation to problems caused by illegal motorcyclists.

>> Area patrolled - 20/07/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

The local Neighbourhood Policing team have been regularly patrolling the area all week and have spoken to several residents and local children. All was in order.

>> Update - 17/07/2012

Between the dates of 14/07/2012 to 15/07/2012, Pcso Lewis has conducted a high-visibility foot patrol at the Marcroft estate.

During his patrols he spoke to several residents who were happy and had no issues at present of Anti-Social Behaviour.

>> Off road bike annoyance - 11/07/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Today I attended the Viridian estate, Port Tennant following a call of an off-road, unregistered quad bike driving dangerously and erratically around the Marcroft road area.

Upon my attendance a male rider was seen in the distance and follow-up enqueries will be completed.

On a positive note - I was stopped by a resident who stated that the youth annoyance that he was experiencing had ceased and that he was really pleased with the increased Police presence.

Patrols will continue, please keep in touch with us and inform us of any illegal or anti-social activity.

>> Patrols - 10/07/2012

Pcso Lewis has been patrolling the ward on Monday 9th July to Tuesday 10th July between the hours of 08:00am-18:00.

He has periodically patrolled at the Marcroft estate and also the SA1 development, where the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) have received complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

He spoke to several residents at Marcroft who gave some positive feedback that it has been quiet recently and they regurarly see police patrols.

With the school half-term nearly upon us the NPT and other officers will have increased patrols within the locality and especially the Hot-Spot locations.

If you are experiencing ASB please contact the NPT or contact the non-emergecy number "101" or 999 in an emergency.

>> Improvement - 06/07/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

The Viridian estate has been patrolled regularly over the past week by the St. Thomas Neighbourhood Policing team. Hardly any youths were found in the area and those found were well-behaved and were not causing any problems. Numerous residents have been spoken to throughout the week. Patrols will continue.

>> Male's found in building site - 01/07/2012

From PCSO Rastatter's;

On Friday the 29th of June I was called to the Viridian estate due to a report of male youths in the building site on Marcroft Road. Upon my arrival two males made off but one male was spoken to and a parental visit conducted.

Please continue to call us if you see any unauthorised persons within the building sites or causing anti-social behaviour.

>> SA1 Patrolled - 30/06/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Myself and PCSO Lewis patrolled the SA1 Waterfront between 3pm-4:15pm on Wednesday the 27th of June and spoke to numerous residents and visitors to the area.  All was in order.

>> Pro-active policing - 26/06/2012

From Pcso Lewis:-

On the morning of Monday 25th June 2012, PC Williams had received several answer phone messages in relation to youth annoyance on Sunday evening at Ruston Road and Marcroft Road.

PC Williams spoke to complainants first thing and advised them on what the Neighbourhood Policing Team have been doing at the location to resolve Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

This has involved increased patrols at location at relevant times from themselves and other officers. They have used the CCTV van on several occasions to assist on identifying youths involved and also been to the 2 primary schools and advised the headteachers of ASB at location.

With all this they have done at the location ASB did decrease quite significantly in the area.

Due to receiving several calls for the ASB on Sunday evening PC Williams and PCSO Lewis extended their shift for Monday evening and conducted a mini operation at the Marcroft estate with the use of the CCTV van

>> PACT Meeting - 20/06/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Our PACT Meeting was held on Tuesday the 12th of June at St. Thomas Community School.

At the meeting there where no new issues raised and it was decided to that we will keep the priority as Youth annoyance / Anti-social behaviour, amending the location to cover the whole of Port Tennant and also the SA1 Waterfront area.

We have had a couple of calls recently of male youths running in and out of the Commercial premises causing annoyance. 

We have increased our patrols of these areas and will be chasing up any CCTV oppourtunities should they arise.

>> ASB has improved - 25/05/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Myself, PCSO Lewis and PC Williams have patrolled the area on numerous occassions recently and have spoken to children playing in the street and residents enjoying the sunshine. We have not recieved any complaints of ASB however patrolls will continue.

>> Weekend Patros - 20/05/2012

Between 18/05/2012-20/05/2012 local officers have patrolled between the hours of 08:00-00:00 at the location.

During there patrols they had not seen any persons causing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

Local residents were spoken too and advised that ASB has reduced.

They have also received no calls from residents in relation to ASB.

>> All's well - 14/05/2012

Between 11/05/2012-13/05/2012  officers have patrolled between the hours of 08:00-00:00 at the location.

During there patrols they had not seen any persons causing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

They have also received no calls from residents in relation to ASB.

>> Few calls - 06/05/2012

Local residents at Marcroft have reported to Police on 2 occassions, youths jumping over garden fences and running between cars.

Officers from Eastside Neighbourhood Policing attended both incidents. On their arrivakl no persons were seen at the location.

Reporting persons were updated and patrols continued periodically throughout the officers shift.

>> Quiet Weekend - 22/04/2012

Between 20/04/2012-22/04/2012 local officers have patrolled between the hours of 12:00-00:00 at the location.

During there patrols they had not seen any persons causing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

They have also received no calls from residents in relation to ASB.

>> Reduction in Calls - 17/04/2012

Local officers would like to report that they have seen a great decrease in the number of calls from residents at Marcroft, in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

As you may have seen local officers have been patrolling on a daily basis at different times. The patrols have also been conducted by other officers as part of a patrol strategy that was put in place to help reduce ASB.

Local officers have also identified persons causing ASB and have completed several Anti-Social Behaviour referral forms.

Patrols continue.

>> A quiet weekend - 11/04/2012

From PCSO Rastatter;

Myself and PCSO Lewis patrolled the Viridian estate regularly over the Easter weekend. We received no reports of off-road biking or anti-social behaviour which is pleasing.

It was mentioned by the site manager a few weeks ago that persons appear to be gaining access to the builders compound out-of-hours.

Please contact Police if you see any un-authorised persons within the compound.

>> Easter Patrols - 30/03/2012

As the schools within Swansea will be breaking up for Easter half-term today. Local officers and other members of the Eastside Neighbourhood Policing Team, will start there Operation Vacation.

It will have officers conducting high-visibility patrols at locations within the Eastside sector known for Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

Any persons repoprted for ASB will have there details forwarded onto the ASB team for consideration of being put onto the first stage of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

You have been forewarned!

>> Waymarker - 24/03/2012

Local officers and other Eastside officers are patrolling on a daily basis at the Marcroft estate. They patrol the location daily as part of a patrol strategy called a "Waymarker" to reduce the Anti-Social Behaviour.

It means that officers have to attend the location daily between certain times and stay within the area for a certain period of time.

If you need to speak to officers, they can be contacted on there mobile numbers or just stop us whilst we are out patrolling.

We look forward to speaking with you.

>> Area patrolled - 15/03/2012

From PCSO Rastatter -

The Marcroft Road area has been patrolled on numerous occassions over the past few days. On every occassion I have not located any youths hanging around or causing problems.

We have not received any recent calls in relation to anti social behaviour. I have spoken to a couple of residents who state that they regularly see Police on the estate and are happy with our patrols.

>> All Quiet - 11/03/2012

Between 09/03/2012-10/03/2012 local officers patrolled Marcroft estate between the hours of 08:00-22:00.

Several children who live within the estate were spoken too, but not in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

They were spoken to in general and advised of what problems the Neighbourhood Policing Team encounter on the estate.

Please contact your police if you have to report ASB on the police non-emergency number 101.

>> Patrols - 02/03/2012

Between 29/02/2012-02/03/2012 local officers have patrolled between the hours of 08:00-21:00 at the location.

During there patrols they had not seen any persons causing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

They have also received no calls from residents in relation to ASB.

>> Complaints received - 24/02/2012

From PCSO Rastatter - Although patrols of the area have increased we have recieved a couple of complaints over the past two days about teenage males causing problems on Marcroft rd.

It is reported that they are intimidating drivers and residents and climbing on scaffolding.

No youths have been located by attending officers but we are being informed that the majority do not live on Marcroft road but are visiting from other parts of Port Tennant.

If you have any information or know their identities please contact us. Thank you / Diolch.


>> Half term - 22/02/2012

From PCSO Rastatter - The Marcroft road area was regularly patrolled over the half term holiday. Young residents where spoken to out and about and  where all behaving.

No complaints where recieved during the duration. Patrolls will continue.


What we did
Increased patrolls. Weymarker placed on SA1 and Viridian estate.
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