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Substance Misuse

Date of Meeting: 01/10/2012
Meeting: Manselton Community Centre @ 6pm
Location of Concern:
Area around Drugs Centre Caebricks Road.
Summary: Residents have expressed concerns regarding syringes in locality and to the persons frequenting and loitering in the area.

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Priority update - 22/08/2012
Patrols have continued to the location, on Sunday 20th August a male was stop checked/searched as he was asleep at the location. All was in order and the male moved on to his home address.
>> Priority update - 14/08/2012
Officers have continued to patrol the area, no offences have been witnessed. Residents have been advised regarding approriate noise levels and times.
>> Priority update - 08/08/2012
It was decided at the recent Pact Meeting that the location would remain a priority for the month of August.
>> Drugs Centre, Cwmbwrla. - 03/08/2012
Patrols of the area have been carried out by PCSO Woodward and PCSO Prosser. No incidents have been reported and the area has been quiet.
>> Caebricks Road.. - 27/07/2012
Extra patrols have been made by Neighboourhood officers. No issues brought to light or reported so far this month.
>> Priority update - 19/07/2012

Patrols have continued to the location, no offences have been witnessed or reported to officers. Patrols will continue, please ring 101 for non-emergency and 999 in the event of an emergency.

>> Priority update - 13/07/2012
Patrols have continued, there have been no offences witnessed by officers. Residents have been spoken to and they have had nothing further to report.
>> Priority update - 09/07/2012
Patrols have continued and local residents have been spoken to, there have been no offences witnessed or reported.
>> Priority update - 02/07/2012
It was decided at the recent pact meeting that the location would remain as a priority.
>> Caebricks Road. - 30/06/2012

Patrols have continued of the area paying attention to persons.

This week has been very quiet.

Patrols will continue.

>> Issues. Caebricks Road.. - 23/06/2012

At 7pm on Friday 22nd June, A male person was seen by PCSO's loitering around the rear of CK's Supermarket. A search of this male was made and he was found to have on him a small quantity of Pills which were believed to be class A drugs.

This male was subsequently arrested.

>> Caebricks Drug Centre. - 16/06/2012

Neighbourhood Officers have periodically patrolled the locality. There have been no persons spoken to yet, perhaps the bad weather has helped in detering persons from loitering in the area.

An increase in patrols will contimue.

Any issues please contact us...


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