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Vehicle Nuisance/Inappropriate Vehicle Use

Date of Meeting: 14/05/2009
Meeting: Caedraw School @ 17.45hrs
Location of Concern:
Upper Twynyrodyn area, Merthyr Tydfil
Summary: Off road scrambler / mopeds being used in the upper twyn area being used in an anti social manner.

Officer/Partner Blog

>> Scrambler annoyance/ bike confiscated - 24/05/2009
A seizure notice was issued and an off road bike was confiscated from a local male.The male was sighted by PCSO's riding the bike at high speeds on the road around the Ty Kier Hardie Estate in Twynyrodyn. The male is known to be the main culprit for the scrambler annoyance in the area.


What we did
one scrambler was obtained under s59 Police Reform Act. No other complaints have been recieved at this time. Area will be monitored over the coming months.
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