Croeso i – ein hardal, ein heddlu, ein llais

Partneriaethau a Chymunedau Ynghyd yn Heddlu De Cymru Hafan

Roads and Airport Policing

Road Policing

Roads Policing Unit

We’re here to make our roads safer for the public so that you can travel around our towns free from worry of crime. We want you to not only arrive at your destination safely, but to also feel safe on the way.

Although our roads only span 10% of Wales’ geographical area, South Wales is home to 1,225,900 people, and coupled with visitors, ours roads are extremely busy.

Through proactive patrolling and partnership work with local councils, local highway authorities, the Highway agency, and more, we want to deny criminals the use of our roads, reduce antisocial behaviour, reduce casualties, tackle the threat of terrorism, and increase your confidence.

By preventing misconduct on our roads, and punishing those individuals who do break the law, our unit continues to support the Force in ‘Keeping South Wales Safe’.

Airport Armed Response Vehicle (ARV)

The permanent presence of Armed Police Officers at Cardiff Airport was established immediately following the terrorist atrocity in America on 11th September 2001. These officers are responsible for policing the airport and the investigation of all incidents occurring there.

The Airport ARV work very closely with the airport management team, airport security, Special Branch and other agencies based at the airport providing protective security, border management, general policing and civil contingencies.

Up to 1.6 Million passengers pass through Cardiff Airport each year. Our armed patrols operate inside and around the airport perimeter. The officers provide a visible deterrent to criminality and the threat of terrorism promoting confidence to members of the public, staff, partner agencies and the local community.

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