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Crime Maps

Crime Mapping is here .  You can find out how your ward is performing against key areas.  

You can get to it from this article by clicking on the link below


It works by comparing the latest three months crime data for the ward and comparing it with the same three month period last year.  You are able to look at the crime rate which is basically the total number of crimes divided by the population or the actual number of crimes. Quite simply it will show things going up or down over the following categories.   I will try to explain the categories for you as there are quite a lot of different offences that fit inside some of these. 

All Crimes - All reportable crimes, shoplifting, criminal damage are the most common crimes.

Burglary - This isn't just burglaries to people's houses and in fact the majority include burglaries to garages, sheds and commercial premises.

Robbery - Includes threats of violence in order to steal items from another person.

Vehicle crime - This includes thefts from motor vehicles as well as thefts of motor vehicles.  Thefts from are nearly always the largest number in this category and it pays to ensure your car is locked without valuables showing.

Violence - This has over 150 separate offences ranging from abusive behaviour, threats, obstructing Police Officers, dog bites all the way up to Murder and very serious assaults.  We hope to break this category down for you in time but please be reassured that it doesn't mean just the serious matters that we all think of. 

Anti Social Behaviour - This again is a large category which includes malicious phone calls, hoax calls to the emergency services, abandoned vehicles and may not be related to street drinking and nuisances.  The numbers here relate to not actual crimes but the numbers of incidents reported.

It is important to realise that we generally live in a very safe and good area of this country. Our area is compared with other in our Force area which is also generally safe.  We are not compared to other parts of the country where the crime is very much higher yet. 

This may raise your fear that you live in high crime area but that is not the national case and in some cases it is not the case locally.  Ward maps can be confusing. Take Pontypridd Town for instance, this does not include the top of town near the train station which does equate for a higher proportion of crimes due to the shops, pubs and night time economy.  This area is included in the Graig which has a small population of people on the road up to Penycoedcae and between Treforest.  Small population with larger amount of crime equals a high crime area!

Local mapping information is important - it provides local accountability and helps you prioritise the work you want us to do.

Those of you who attend PACT are able to ask us to concentrate on areas where you have concerns.  These maps help you have a visual measure of how your area is performing so this information coupled with your information will help us deliver on the areas that matter the most.

If you have any questions on the numbers shown on Crime Mapper please contact your PCSO from your ward page and I can help them in getting the answer to your question.  You can also email me directly

Inspector Frances Williams 
Performance Management
Merthyr Rhondda Cynon Taff


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