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Mr HCL sent to Ourbobby in October
Can I ask that something be done about the indiscriminate and haphazard parking on our estate please?
I realise in this day and age, a lot of households have two three or more cars, but there does seem to be a lot of Traffic Offences being committed these days? I do think though, that parking (literally) on corners (even across the 'broken lines'!), is showing no concern or appreciation of other people needs.Parking on the pavement is even worse - what about the Blind people/Wheelchair bound etc.? What about those who cannot get past because they are so far across the pavement one has to go onto the road - especially on a Monday night when the bins are put out?

How about on a Saturday or Sunday - especially on the only 'access' road with cars littered both sides (especially on the corners), making it extremely dangerous for those pulling out of a side street???

I only hope those offenders do not need an Ambulance or Fire Engine in a hurry!!!

Can not a 'leaflet exercise' be carried out - highlighting the inconsiderate consequences of their parking (dis)abilities, followed up a week or so later by a Obstruction 'Ticket' operation?

Thanks for 'listening'
Sgt Lee Porter said
"Spot on and your query was balanced. The ever increasing ownership of cars does cause problems on our highways. Ownership however does not entitle someone to park at the detriment of pedestrians or safety. Your solution is excatly the right answer, first our intervention would be to educate in this instance and then to enforce the law if needed"
Mrs SH sent Ourbobby in October
I live in a new development in RCT which is a cul-de-sac. There are a lot of children in the road and they all seem to congregate outside our house! I don't really have a problem with this, except when they play with balls. Football, rugby, tennis and cricket.
The younger ones are not too bad, but the teenagers just hit or kick the balls as hard as they can with no control. Consequently they hit houses, cars etc. I have had a row with parents over this, as have others in the road, all to no avail. What can we do next? I don't want to upset the neighbours, but damage to property is expensive, and I have already lost plants, as well as quality of home life.
Please help.
Sgt Porter said
" You do sometimes feel petty contacting the emergency services about such issues and from experience it can be difficult to negotiate the solutions with Neighbours, do remember to use the non emergency contact numbers when getting in touch with us on such things. It does however need to be addressed as accidental damage is one thing but when it becomes deliberate it can become an offence. It is strange that from such little things neighbourhood disputes can often generate into larger problems.
Firstly your local PCSO can be contacted and can assist in diplomatically explaining the issues. They will be interested in engaging with the youths and exploring facilities for them as well. Keep the communication with your neighbours open and remain calm just explaining the effects on your property. If you feel this is impossible contact your PCSO as they can point you in the direction of Neighbourhood mediation which is a service offered free by your local authority. This service is very successful in managing potential conflict before it escalates and often results in a mutual agreed course of action"
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