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Neighbourhood newsletter

Welcome to the PACT Update Newsletter which has been created by your local Neighbourhood Officer, PCSO Dominic Bury. We hope that you find it informative and find it useful to keep up to date with what the Cadoc Neighbourhood Policing Team has been doing in the area. We really appreciate your support in attending the PACT meetings and would like to hear from you with your ideas and feedback regarding the newsletter.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team look forward to seeing you in the near future or at the next PACT meeting, details of which are on the newsletter.

If you wish to receive this newsletter by email please contact your local PCSO via the details on your Ward page or click on the link "Get Email Updates" below:

Newsletter Cadoc Spring 2013 Size: [204 KB] File Type: [.pdf]
Cadoc Newsletter January 2013 Size: [207 KB] File Type: [.pdf]
Cadoc Newsletter Autumn 2012 Size: [220 KB] File Type: [.pdf]
Autumn 2013 newsletter Size: [3.08 MB] File Type: [.doc]
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