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Police Student Volunteers

Police Student Volunteer

Police Student Volunteer Awards 2012

The Student Volunteer scheme runs parallel with the South Wales Police, Police Support Volunteer Scheme.


For the last 4 years the students of South Wales and in particular Cardiff and Treforest Universities have become pro actively involved in their local communities, for both the benefit of the community and the student population of the campus and student villages.


It is encouraging that students engage with the local community in a friendly way, so often the public only see the bad side of the student community and consequently blame many problems (rightly or wrongly) on them. By getting involved and talking to people and solving problems, the public have been able to see that students do care and are interested in the views and opinions of the general community.


The activities undertaken by the student volunteers have also been used by the Universities in their Police Sciences BSc, for example, to provide practical case studies in the teaching of research methods to the students.


Working under the direction of members of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams you will engage directly with serving Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers.


The recruitment of Police Student Volunteers is now closed until September 2014, when further information will be made available on this site and at Student Unions throughout South Wales.



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